Research indicates that the overriding concern that drives the industry is the provision of adequate safety and security to people & their property.

The various industries we deal in are challenged to increase safety and security levels, without impacting their day to day operations, or the customer experience.

Precedence Technologies delivers tailored solutions that improve customer’s ability to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from security incidents – all in compliance with regulatory requirements. Precedence Techonologies is certified by Dubai Police Department of Protective Systems DPS to provide technology in physical security and the required support.

With a strong background in IT accompanied by the experience in providing Physical security solutions, Precedence can provide the edge in quality of support to your existing CCTv systems and can recommend changes that comply with ever changing requirements from the authorities.

The Electronic Security & Surveillance business unit delivers the following solutions:

  • RFID based Asset Security
  • Access Control (with Time & Attendance) & Visitor Management
  • Perimeter Security
  • Emergency Lighting systems
  • Command & Control Center – Build & Operate
  • TSIM (Total Information Security Management)