Dubai- the city of luxuary and comfort

Dubai- the city of luxuary and comfort

Dubai located in UAE, is known as one of the most beautiful city in the world. It is not just known for its beauty but also for the warm and kind hearted people living there. A lot of tourists prefer going to Dubai for its culture, exotic places, warmth, entertainment, landmarks, hotels, education and off course Dubai shopping festival. It is the city of luxury and comfort. It is the 22nd most expensive city in the world; it is globally active and a business hub of the Middle East.

It all started in the 1960s with trade and oil revenue and developed its way up to tourism, real estate, aviation, financial revenue and so much more…Dubai was always one step ahead, it is very welcoming and gives away a lot of opportunities for people from around the world. Today there are thousands of people from all over the world working happily in Dubai. It provides them with great work value and the feeling of contempt and off course makes them financially secure.

One such example can be given from Precedence technologies UAE, which is the hub for talented and creative people, it is known as a technology driven company, providing the best quality value added services in the information technology. It has clients from the Burj ul Arab, Atlantis hotel, Burj Khalifa, Hyatt, Hilton to The Sheraton hotel. Partnership with huge companies such as HP, Aruba, Bosch, Cisco, Honeywell, Sony, Samsung and much more…

Precedence has literally spread all across UAE, and how it could not after all its one of its kind.
When you think of Dubai you think of Precedence technologies.

According to Tanveer Mohammed, CEO of Precedence Technologies “Dubai is a city where dreams come true. It gives a lot of opportunities and a zest to accomplish your goals. He started his very first company in Dubai, with the only goal in mind to provide luxury and comfort to people” Soon were successful in doing so…

Dubai is also famous for its nightlife,with people hanging out at restaurants,watch sunset at the beach, barbecue, movies ,shopping, clubs, go for a creek ride, witness the amazing fountains, burn calories by walking in the malls,cruise, parties. And when i say parties i think we all know what  i mean; Belly dancing, its one of the most creative entertainment in Dubai where families and friends have a good time watching it.

One cannot miss desert safari when in Dubai. It is one of the must places to visit. where you get to experience the exotic camel trek, sand ski, buggy rides, barbecues, belly dancing and off course the great eagle. Deserts are hard to resist, the experience becomes memorable.
Dubai cannot be described in words, you just have to experience it.

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